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What is a Mutual Funds ?

 Mutual Funds is assemblage of money by multiple investors and whose intention is to save money and gain profit through investment. This fund is administered by professional fund managers and invested in Stocks, equities, bonds, etc. These fund managers allocates the fund investment wisely and apply efforts to make profit. Investors select an investment plan as per their financial goal and start investing simply. In mutual funds all gain and lose are shared by investors as per their deposition. Mutual Funds are registered with SEBI ( Securities and Exchange Board of India). Investing in mutual funds is as simple as buying or selling stocks or bonds online.

Benefits of investing in Mutual Funds

 By investing in mutual funds you can reap lots of benefits and complete your goals.

Affordable – To start investment in mutual funds you don’t need a high amount to invest you can start investing just from 500 Rupees only. Because everyone’s small contribution can play a big role in mutual funds.

Tax Saver - When you invest for a period of one year or more than mutual funds save your tax. You can claim for tax deduction under income tax Act.

Transparency- In India many agencies reviewing performance of mutual funds and publishing reports, with the help of these reports investors can compare the mutual funds with one another and invest in that that is performing best and give high return.

Wide rage for choice – Mutual funds offers a wide range of investment schemes. You can select the best that suits to your long-term prospects.

Ready cash - Mutual funds gives you freedom to redeem total or partial investment at any time. You get present value of your shares by following standard procedure.

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